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Princess In Madrid

In Madrid we went to all the important sites like the National Library, The Congress, “Plaza Decibels”, Puerta Alcala, Puerta Del Sol, Gran Vía, Royal Palace, The Cathedral and many more. The architecture of the Madrid were fantastic, you can feel all the detail of the history. My favorite site was the cathedral, because I love the byzantine and baroque stile.
In the street you can see a lot of Picasso and Miró pieces, like monuments and buildings.
The minimalist and modern art of the painters are fantastic. In the royal Palace you can feel like a princess, it is so breathtaking to be there.The history of the place its alive in every corner. We learn that in Spain the King never put the
crown and that the “Telares” are copies of many important paints. The detail and luxury of every room are incredible. It was so funny that I can recognized the paint of my favorite Queen Marie Antoinette. I had no words for the Palace it’s was a bucket list dream.

Natural Fashion

Today we visit the mountain Montjuic, a magic and fashion place where can feel connected to the nature of the antique Barcelona, watching a palace that serves as a fortress many years ago. 

There you can learn that Barcelona has been an important place in Europe since centuries ago, because the climate and people it possess. 
Then in the beginning of the mountain you will a spectacular palace that today is an important art museum and big water fountains. After that we went to visit the local market place, where you will eat the best sea food and taste the divine “Jamón Iberico”. In the night we finish the day visiting the “paseo de gracia”, and a lot of streets were you can find local food, entertainment and crafts. 

We continue the adventure flying to Madrid…

Fashion and Peace

In the night we went to Park GÜELL, another fantastic work of Gaudi. This park was at the beginning an urbanization, an incredible and detail place where all the nobles can live in peace and relax. But the plan has a problem, nobody want it to live there; so the government buy it the place and open to the public as a museum and park.
Visit and feel the magic of Gaudi.


The Sagrada Familia Church is incredible, you can feel all the positive energy and work Gaudi put it to try to finish this spectacular Site.He love this church so much that he make every part of it different in one part you can feel the gothic influence of the artist when the crucifixion of Jesus is portrait and the baroque influence when the born of Jesus is portrait. Then in the inside all the light and the colors you feel in your soul are fantastic. 
If you have a chance come and see “Sagrada Familia” the unfinished church.

Riding in Barcelona

In this entry I am presenting all the arquitecture sites I love it, like the "Pueblo de Gigantes a big villa of creatives, the Cathedral, the Library, Plaza Catuluña, Plaza España and so much more.

What is your favorite? 

Camp Nou the best Stadium of the World

The entrance to Stadium Camp Nou, you can feel the magic of the place, all the dreams and passion soccer gives to all the fans. In the first corridor you had all the photos of the players, and the important moments of the club.

Then you have a big room with all the trophies and medals of the club, where you can find how Messi became so important to the club and see the road Ronaldinho had it with the team.   It’s so thrill that you can go behind doors to the Press room, the lockers and all the aisles the players walk in the matches. In the end you can walk in the green court and feel all the important history of the club.
Have you visit the Camp Nou? 

First day sharing with Catalans

After visiting the Cathedral we began our adventure in this beautiful city, walking down the streets looking the beautiful streets and churches.

 Looking all the art and culture Barcelona had it.

The churches you see it had a gothic arquitecture and it makes you smile.

Then in the afternoon we went to the Antique Barcelona Museum, where you can find out how the city was built since the time of their own culture, passing to the Rome Empire. You will watch a spectacular archaeologicalsite where you will be introduce in to their day by day life.

 In the night we went to the plaza España to eat some delicious tapas (small portions of food).I eat the softest squibs I had eat in my life, then we went to see an incredible water show in the center of the plaza.

13 Hours if flight and fashion is still in

Today I began my trip to Europe, first my airplane stop in Bogota and I had to wait it 4 hours in the airport. The cool thing was that de Duty FREE was big and cool.

The 13 hours flight was long and fun, I could plan my favorite places to visit and write some poems.
We arrive to a cool little “piso” call Barcelona center plaza, it has a vintage elevator. We get a little fresh and we go to visit the Barcelona cathedral.


One Day Before Europe

Tomorrow I began the path of my dream trip. I am going to see trends, fashion, culture, food and history in the Fabulous Spain, Greece and Turkey.

I am so anxious to visit Barcelona, enjoying all the historical places Gaudi build and the Camp Nou, in Madrid I want to go to the palace and eat tapas. 
In Greece I am going to Mikonos, so I can have a relax day in the beach and a cool stop in the Archaeological sites. In Athens I am dreaming to visit the Acropolis.

At last I will enjoy Istanbul with their culture and fabulous monuments and the relax Cappadocia.

Do you have any suggestions?   

A Stunning Surprise Duet


Cute Baby-DJ Arch Jr