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Color Bedroom

Give your room a pup up of color mixing different tones with white, it will give your space a balance and relax sensation. Put some plants that will create good energy and clean the air of the enviroment. Color boxes will be the perfect storage for your fun and vibrant bedroom.

Trend Shoes

The new trend in shoes for this spring, is to use the fabric suede and the bows in the costruction of this piece of fashion art. This fabric will make the shoes more comfortable and soft for the feet, also it can bring all the colors to live, the bows will give your style a cool and femenine touch.

Mood Nails

Today I was feeling girly and cheesy so I try this style in my nails. It´s easy, cool and fun. First you have to get two pink tones and one gree, I prefered the vintage tones for a more femenine look. The some spots with white and the tree tones, the hearts will finish the style. 

Date Clothes

This weekend my best friend will had a very important date with her parents boyfriend, so she ask me wich outfit is the best for a sunday barbecue. Her boyfriend comes from a traditional family so she wants to look like the girl next door, to impress her in-laws. 
Which is the best?

Date lipstick

Give your Friday Date a pump of sexy and fun color, with this Mac Mate Lipstick. This red is sensual and elegant so you can flirt with your other half and still look clasic and timeless. A trick to mantain the color threw the date is to aply some face powder before the lipstick. 

Happy Women´s Day

To all the Young, Confident, Fashion and Brave Women that help create a world full of love and hapiness, I wish you a Happy Women´s Day. Embrace your innerself everyday and fight for your rights and dreams in every minute of the day. Feel free to conquer the world and do let anyone make you doubt you of your power. 

Baby Trend

The next trend in baby fashion: mix different tones of the same color and combined textures that create a unique and fun look.
Have fun with your baby clothes and create a style that make he or she more cute and pretty than ever.