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love it-Space // Style (Taylor Swift Mash-Up) - Louisa Wendorff


2014 Movies mashup


Dad gets daughter an actual Frozen Doll for Christmas part 1


love it


they are so cute


Its Christmas time again- :)


kids are fantastic-This Kid Loves James Bond


Love it -Backstreet Boys: Show Em What Youre Made Of 2015 Official Trailer [HD 1...



Today the flames of passion are burning my body, with thoughts and feeling of your body. I dont know what to do because your kisses and kicking my mind and crossing my life. I hate because I try to stop and dont feel but you stay with me everytime our fire became one.

Love the internet-Top 10 Viral Videos


ME ENCANTA-The Avengers Sing Christmas Carols


Finally its here-YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014


sO TRUE -Everything Wrong With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Still love him "Scream" (HQ/HD) - HSM3


No te pierdas esta gran oportunidad-1º Concurso Nacional de Reconocimiento a la Investigación Agroeconómica


The very best of kids on Got Talent from around the world


Love Internet-YouTubers React to Darude - Sandstorm


Love Internet

YouTubers React to Darude - Sandstorm:

Juan Magan - Si No Te Quisiera ft. Belinda, Lapiz Conciente


:)Pan Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried Movie HD


He is funny-Zac Efron Reveals All in Interview with Dave Skylark


Soul :)

Quiero romper barreras, Comenzando a vivir sin ninguna armadura Ni ninguna atadura Pero sobre todo con el corazón abierto. Espero cada día que me des la mano, Para empezar un camino De unión y amor Que nos lleve a encontrar mundos de paz y alegría. Porque cada vez, Que estoy a tu lado Me siento contenida en un mundo de cristal Que me llena de arcoíris y me demuestra lo que es la felicidad. Entendiendo que el dolor, Es una lección que te ayuda A comprender el camino de la vida, Guiándote hacia la luz que siempre estuvo a tu lado. Porque eso eres para mi El ser de luz que me vio Y me permitió brillar Con su pasión y fuego de vida. Por eso te pido, No tengas miedo de esta conexión Que va más allá de esta vida Y de nuestras almas. Conquista tus temores Y  ve con el corazón A tu alma gemela Que para siempre quiere quedarse junto a ti.



LOVE IT-Disney's Cinderella Official US Trailer


So true-Honest Trailers - The Little Mermaid (feat. AVbyte)


Wait your love?

I dont know what do at this time of my life, the feeling for you is making my heart get hurts. Its so difficult to go away, when the recent memory of you and me gets my soul vibrated. Trying to pass all the feelings i had for you, its making my body to vibrated with fear. I hate to feel this again, i dont get it why you run to love, its no so difficult just let it be. Today even if i feel like a hole in my soul i will feel pain and dont make it go away.

I still love this videos-Official #DaddyandDaughter singing "Let It Go" From Frozen


What the heart wants

Why you discover a connection with someone when he can´t be with you? I dont get it why people are so afraid of love, that doesnt want to risk their heart in the process. It is so unfair that you say me its a thing of one time, because I am so confused and I only want this time to let it out this feelings. You know that we can be the best couple of all , we are soulmates, but you dont have what it takes to love, and you prefer to feel nothing-than feel this connection that is love, this how you feel love. I will wait, i hope is not a lot a time, because you will regret losing the love of your life.

Love it- FIFA 15 - FC Barcelona Player Tournament - Messi, Neymar, Alves, Piqué, ...


Love it -Taylor Swift - Blank Space


This kid still is so cute-Kai Sings 'Marry You'



What you can do when your biggest fear appear without asking permission? Do you run until everything is forget or you take care it like a profesional ninja.
Today I decide that my Kunfu Panda is going to come out, he is not going to disturb my feelings or place. I am going to be free of you, I swear this is the time to kick all and start to feel me.

That´s why i love him-Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"


He is the best in all ages-Ultimate Brad Pitt Movie Mashup (2014) HD


Scorpion-The series for the awkard, genius and cool people

The fall has began so the new seasons has start, the first pilot I love it is Scorpion, a tv show about a group of inteligent people lead by a super inteligent men that works helping industries to get better. In the first chapter a fbi agent wants the group to help guiding the airplanes to the airport before they crash. They do all the work in a cafeteria, where they meet a waitres with a smart boy. In the end all went good and they get a job, also adding the waitress so she can help them understanding the world.
I really loved, because sometimes the world doesnt understand the weird and creative people, so if they are going to save the world its a show for me.
The next episode is really cool.

Happy 20 birthday-236 Seconds Of Friends

He is so funny-Dax's Love for Brad Pitt

I want a daughter like her-Adorable ‘Frozen’ Mom and Daughter Are Here

Sometimes We Need Them so Much-Calls For Dad #RealDadMoments | Dove Men+Care

i WANT A MEN LIKE THIS-An EPIC SURPRISE (w/ Less Screaming): AN AMAZING Choreographed Wedding D...

Real pop music-Sting & Enrique Iglesias & Backstreet Boys & Christina Aguil

This kid are so inspiring-Bars and Melody - Hopeful

Thats HOT BALLET-Bad Boys of Ballet: Shirtless Men Spin, Leap and More - America's Got Ta...

I want to jump like this Flight Crew Jump Rope: Team Jumps Rope to Ariana Grande’s “Break Free” -...

Love it this new songTaylor Swift - Shake It Off

That why I love Pop Culture-Quidditch Mudbloods Official Trailer #1 HD

True-Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Romantic-Taylor Swift - White Horse


No se, parece que mi mente va a explotar, mi corazon va a dejar de latir y solo voy a poder a respirar cuando sepa lo que siento, me estoy sintiendo que enloquezco un poco mas cada vez que te veo. Primero mi sangre, quien da la vida por mi, me agrade tan fuerte, se que te menti, que por no enfrentarte no hable, pero primero me duele y me da unas iras que nunca habia sentido y no se como dejarla ir, que creas que no me merezco estar con alguien porque estoy gordita te juro que la esperanza se me va  en cada palabra,me hiciste sentir sola muy sola, como puedo confiar en decirte mis miedos, mis inseguridades si para ti no vale nada si no me opero, pero tranquila lo estoy controlando para mi cada dia cuesta, esta es una adiccion que nunca termina y eso es algo que nunca vas a entender pero si ahora cada dia para mi es importante y hoy decido. Luego estas tu cuando solo quiero que alguien me quiera, me entienda, alguien que se preocupe por mi, me siento tan sola, que nunca nadie me va a qu…

They are still the best-Beach Avenue - Feel The Beat (Audio)

Tonight Show Superlatives: 2014 World Cup

love it-Harry Potter vs Twilight Dance Battle - 4K

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love it-Beach Avenue - Coming Your Way (Audio)

Go Ecuador


Pop-O -Town - Skydive

A good campaign-NetOnNet feat. Backstreet Boys - Lager than life

Another one-Justin Rhodes: Singer's Avicii Cover Moves His Dad to Tears - America's ...

Another one-Justin Rhodes: Singer's Avicii Cover Moves His Dad to Tears - America's ...

one please-Miguel Dakota: Audience Swoons Over Singer's Alex Clare Cover - America'...

gambits kid-Dom the Bom's Triple Threat: 8-Year Old Triplets' Hot Card-Throwing Act ...

i want him-Jaycob Curlee: Singer Performs Stirring John Mayer Cover - America's Got...

Bum-I saw you

love it-Harry Potter Ultimate Magical Saga Trailer - Movie HD

My team "Tricolor" World Cup Team Profile: ECUADOR

Hot and brave-Channing Tatum Went Bridge Jumping in Ecuador

Good Beat-Good Lyric-Cheryl Cole - Crazy Stupid Love ft. Tinie Tempah (+lista de reproducción)

This summer-Step Up: All In Official Trailer #1 2014) - Alyson Stoner Dance Movie HD

Funny and hot-Memorable Moment: David Beckham's Hidden Camera Massage (+lista de repro...

Top Ten Reasons Adults Love Harry Potter - Movie HD

guaaaa-Astounding Young Salsa Dancers

So young big message

Pop art work

If you want to feel cool and relax the neon color is your bff for the summer

she is so funny-Amy Talks the Lyrics at Forever 21 (+lista de reproducción)

dance hell yeahtWitch's Present for Ellen

Music in her essence-Amazing jam session - Three random guys sing together

Really good-The Amazing Jam Session Guys feat. Trey Songz, Juicy J & Aloe Blacc

So good i really feal the love for music.

Guaaaa its so good-The Flash - Extended Trailer

They are always cool for me-Sophia Grace & Rosie Perform 'Dark Horse' (+lista de reproducción)

Nice song-Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good (+lista de ...

sweet-sweet-Zony and Yony Are Back!

They are so inspired-Bars & Melody - Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act | Britain's Got Talent ...



Brazilian dancers perform breathtakingly athletic routine on Brazil's Go...

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

guaaa-Amazing tightrope walker stuns judges & audience on Ukraine's Got Talent

love it-Talented body popping dancer on Arab's Got Talent

I love him more -"Ew!" with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

Represented all the woman-Little Mix - Salute (+lista de reproducción)


Inspired in the Charles James designs, this year fashion was princess style and sexy constructed clothes.



i really like her-Three-Year-Old Dancer Heaven Is 'Happy' (+lista de reproducción)

Love it-Official Extended Trailer | GOTHAM | FOX BROADCASTING

I love his energy-Elias Returns! (+lista de reproducción)

rEALLY LIKE-R5 - Counting Stars (Live In London) ft. The Vamps (+lista de reproducción)

hE-S SUCH A CUTIE -Kai Sings 'Roar'




Coachella por dany-salo con green flats Philipp Plein strapless dress

IPANEMA green flat

Juicy Couture crossbody purse

River Island hat
$17 -

Metal glasses

Eva NYC hair styling tool

From Ecuador to The World this Hot Singer-Tus Colores - Daniel Betancourth

The Years Pass and he is hotter-Drake Bell - Bitchcraft (Official Music Video)

I love her new songs-Katy Perry - Birthday (Lyric Video) (+lista de reproducción)

chic rebel


she was jb from 2000Britney Spears - Everytime (+lista de reproducción)

lOVE IT THIS STUPIDS-22 Jump Street - Final Red Band Trailer (Official)

Love him by the minute-Paramore - The only Exception (cover by Jake acapella) (+lista de reprod...

I love him more-Britney Spears - Hold it against me (Jake Barker) (+lista de reproducción)

They are coming back-O-Town | 2014

this are my favorite girls-Sophia Grace & Rosie at the Kids' Choice Awards!

I want this in my wedding-Best Wedding Speech Ever- Britney, Better Work Bitch

guaaaa-X-Men: Days of Future Past Official Trailer #2 (2014) - Jennifer Lawrenc...

The new it girl in Argentina-Lali - Asesina (Videoclip Oficial)

Go Women-Jennifer Lopez - I Luh Ya PaPi (Explicit) ft. French Montana

I luh yA pAPI.

Rap+Pop Culture=Iggy Azalea - Fancy (Explicit) ft. Charli XCX=Perfect

My Favorite Hero is back-Captain America: The Winter Soldier Official 4 Min Preview Trailer (2014...

Hot Latin-Wisin - Adrenalina ft. Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin (+lista de reproducc...

This is Pop Culture-Katy Perry - Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J) (Official) ft. Juicy J (+lista d...

Love it this is what Pop Culture Must Be.

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