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This past months I have realized the world is the most fantastic place you can imagine. Everything is good and peaceful when you start to feel with the heart and see with the soul, a path that have had given me true happiness.
It started the first time I believe in me, when I reach for the goal of health.
The first day I throw away all my fears and I come back to the gym, was the first time feeling tired and muscle pain is a blessing. You feel a new energy when you start exercise, like everything is possible because you are a strong, independent and powerful women. When you do an exercise and you start to feel the pain my mind said to me “No pain no gain” a phrase that had help to push the pain away and get better in every session. Today I could do a full abdominal crunch with the AB wheel, I was smiling so much that I almost laugh; but it doesn’t matter because I was so proud of me so if I want to laugh a mad person everything will be ok.
I hope my little experience can inspire you.

Colorful Accessories

When you want to pop up your style and give a splash of color to your face, a unique and colorful pair of earrings will do the trick. Today I had found a colorful accessory that mix gold tones and pastel colours. A pair of earrings with gold, purple and white pearls. You can use this earrings with a bun or braid to show them. It’s an accessory that gives you a funky vibe.

What are your favorite earrings?

My Guide Spirit: The Owl

My home has been guarded by the wisdom Owls. This mystics creatures have been represented in totems to help my home been protected of bad spirits and always helps us in the road of change. Sometimes the owl has been misunderstand with symbol of death but the real meaning is the importance of change and evolution, that’s why the importance of her in my life. It has help my family accept the changes life gives you in your everyday.

List of Symbolic Owl Wisdom- See the real meaning of your roadMystery- Find the truth in the punches life gives you. Transition- Changes are the substance of life. Messages- Hear the music of the universe. Intelligence- Think with your heart. Mysticism- Love the details of life. Protection- Give your heart with intelligence. Secrets- Trust in your instincts. Who are your Spirit Guide?

Colors of my soul

When you feel your soul is gray the best therapy are the style with colors. It’s a simple way to put you in good mood and erase your sorrows. If you dress with bright and neutral colors, you inject to your soul positivity and bright energy. I have found when you are true to your nature and explore the magic of colors and energy, the vibe of your style will be cool and fantastic because you are showing the colors of your real soul even if you are sad.

Colors of Tuesday
Yellow: The sun will bring you light and positivity when you feel it in your body. The colors of light will create a peaceful vibe, so everybody will see you as a cool and relax soul.
Brown: Earth is the connection to the universe. When the colors of planet earth are near you skin, you begin to connect to the reality of nature. Just start to feel the colors and begin in the road of loving your surroundings.
What are the colors of your soul? 

Bohemian Quote: Colors are pigments of energy, were them with your heart.  

The Genius Kyle Jenner

I am not a fan of the Kardashians but I have to get recognition to the mastermind of Marketing Kyle Jenner. Yesterday she was the winner of the Super Bowl, it was so clever to post her baby reveal video in this time frame. The video is a tender movie that shows you her road in the way to being a mom and her family perspective. Even if you are not in her fan demographic, your heart will melt. The video has 30 million views in 1 day, everyone wanted to see it. They also secure to avoid the harsh comments.

I have been
blow away of how she avoid been seeing as a young pregnant and now she is
becoming a hot momma, her brand is still intact and now you have more people
loving her. This move will help her have more consumers, I am sure she is gonna
develop some baby products, so everything is good for her. Kyle Jenner
marketing advice is tease your product or brand to your costumers, make some mysticism
and secrecy about it to make everyone try to know what you are selling.

Tree of Life

Accessories to Inspire
For the first time in my life I am trying to be truly me. A hell of a road because a simple question as Who I am? Sometimes make you doubt of yourself. Today I am beginning to be a free soul that feels energy as a whole and believes in letting go. Why I am giving this soulful introduction? Because I know I am a bohemian soul, using accessories that show my believes make me feel happy, peaceful and hope. Really that’s how important style is for me, it’s a way I express my vibe.

Today I am using a set of tree life bracelets. The tree of life has a very important meaning for me because it shows how we have a connection between humans and nature also to never forget we are stronger together. The set is of 3 bracelets because in the world of Ayurveda if you want to change or improve in your life, it´s important to have 3 different perceptions . That’s why I try to use always a set of 3 bracelets.

Bohemian Executive

It’s Monday! I need to rock this week and be the boss of my life. Today I’m having an important reunion to ensure a freelance that will help me to pay the rent. You know a Girl has to pay the bills and still buy clothes. I am trying to be an entrepreneur, it’s a long road to walk.
So the style for today it’s an elegant twist of my life vibe. Making me look professional and with personality.

Presenting you the Bohemian Executive:
·Dress with a cool pattern ·A vibrant color that matches my eyes ·Trend: Big earrings with a minimal design and shoes with some glitter ·Accessories: Unique designs to give you personality. ·Make up: A dark color to balance the look.
How would you make your Bohemian Executive? 

Boho Quote: Be free, Be your Soul, Be Unique