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viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Let it go

When you are connected with your soul and you start to feel every light in the universe; the world around you became a real thing and everything expands into a new level of energy, you start to be and began to let it go every inch of bad experience that you have lived. This months are the first time in my life that I am me almost in every aspect of life; because I still froze when someone knew knock my door. It’s important to feel, let your soul go and have the universe in your heart. 

miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

Suicide Squad- Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer

I love the new Suicide Squad, it’s chaotic, eccentric and very fun. The upbeat the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” make it the tone of the movie perfect. In this trailer you can see how they are bringing the very bad to antiheroes, a little bit of the squad stories and the Joker. My favorite characters has to be Enchantress, Harley Quinn and Deathshot. Margot Robbie is an excellent actress, you could see her craziness in every word she pronounce.

Which is your favorite moment? 

martes, 19 de enero de 2016

Mozart in the Jungle: the new series to watch

A year ago I discover in my Cable a new and fun series “Mozart in the Jungle”. It was fantastic to watch Gael Garcia in a leading role, he is charming, eccentric and musical. The series is about the new conductor of the New York Orchestra and his path to construct a cool and modern ensemble, the discovery of a new Oboe; a chaotic and young musician that will be his assistant and a lot of unique wise symphony members. The first season ends with the Orchestra going to a possible strike, and Rodrigo kissing the young Oboe Hailey; the old maestro going to compose his unique masterpiece.

In the second season Rodrigo had a musical journey with the Orchestra to pass through the contract negotiations and his feelings to Hailey. It’s fantastic to see his charisma, cute narcissism and love to the power of music, the delicate path of sound. Hailey became the first Oboe, kiss Rodrigo, had sex a lot and end this season with the young and new villain of the series. The symphony family lost the battle with the negotiations and end the 2 season with a park concert. Rodrigo end his marriage with the unique Maria, she is a fantastic actress; battle with a disease and try to accept his love for Hailey, in his last scene he enjoy the music of the jungle and noticed that Hailey is going with the bad guy.

Go and enjoy the best musical path.

Enjoying the present

When you feel free, happy and in balance the world gets brighter and the light of your soul will make your dreams come. So get rid of all your past baggage and start to construct your present in every minute of your day, appreciate the gift of the time; because when you say hi to your balance and new soul the world is yours. 

Relax and Modern

Relax and Modern
Today I was feeling down and tired, so I try a look with colors of nature to inspire a lipstick. The important thing is to balance the textures and color of your style. peaceful and relax style then I mix it with a feminine but comfy flower shoes and mix it with a fuchsia

viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

My one and true love: Soccer

Since I remember I have been in love of soccer; because of the passion and loyalty it inspire in their fans. The first time I watch a soccer match was the final of the Copa Libertadores in 1997, a very important occasion to the Ecuadorian soccer because it was the second time a team make it this far in the tournament. A magical experience for me because as a child it was the first time I saw a big stadium and feel the energy of the fans that pass through the TV. Since this match I had love the Barcelona team because it’s the only team in my country that can unit all the states to celebrate one team. Then in my watch appear a young player called Kaviedes, a genius that can make magic in the field. His goals where a piece of art that inspire every journalist and player, he was the first Ecuadorian that value five million dollars to a European club, he make the 44 goals record in the Ecuador scorer that he still had it. He was the wakening of the Ecuador soccer, with his goal we went to our first World Cup .It was an inspire moment that make me believe in the magic of soccer and the K effect that the world see it too little. In my years of growth I also could enjoy watching many player’s like the Batistuta in World Cup 98, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, Beckham and Zidane. I remember the TV spot they make in boat that was like a battles of soccer. They have flow, flavor they feel in every drop of sweat. The teams I also like was the fantastic Boca Juniors that win two Copa Libertadores in a row and the Copa Intercontinental as they use to name it. And the Madrid of Beckman, Zidani and Ronaldo it was a time of stars not only players.
Then a few years ago I watch a teen soccer world cup and I saw a fantastic argentine team with Messi in the head .This was the first time I see the passion he has it for the ball. The energy he has it in every strategy and turn. Then I began to see him in the Barcelona, a club I have never been in love until Messi came. The team strength was their team play, that was the difference from the Madrid. Since that day Messi has make 426 goals in 500 matches and achieve 5 FIFA gold balls and create a perfect trident with Neymar and Suarez. Now I am waiting until the legend of the Barcelona trident explode. Soccer has inspire me to fight for my dreams and work hard because if you feel you can make it.

jueves, 14 de enero de 2016

60s vibe

60s vibe

Today I feel inspired by the movie “The Devils Wears Prada” I saw yesterday. I love it one 60,s vibe look Andrea had when she change to fashionista executive. It’s a cool and relax style that will make your day fun and vibrated.  

martes, 12 de enero de 2016

Bohemian Elegance

Bohemian Elegance

Today I feel Elegant and Bohemian, so I want it to mix the two trends to create a cool and modern look. I mix a floral dress of Mango with a leather coat. The accesories give my style a unique a especial twist. 

viernes, 8 de enero de 2016

Love Pink Beauty

Love Pink Beauty

When I talk about my favorite color in beauty is definitely pink? I like the pump it gave me in my lips, the edgy it become in my hair and the modern transformation it gives to my nails. I even like the pink perfumes like Britney Fantasy to evaporate in my skin and make it like a flower. 
Which is your favorite color beauty? 

Sweet Fashion

Sweet Fashion

I really like two things in the World: Fashion Trends and Sweet. We you combined the two you create an original and crazy collection of pastel colors and original textures. We this line you will have the best of both worlds in your path. 
Which is your favorite Sweet Fashion? 

Friday Flower Mood

Friday Flower Mood

Today I wake up with a cool and relax vibe, so I choose an outfit based in the flower chic almost          spring style. I combined different tones of green with some comfortable fabrics. To give it spring         touch I use a flower crown with some pink lipstick. 
Which is your Friday Mood? 

90s Glamazones destry this new BALMAIN Campaign

Balmain has launch his new campaign Spring/Summer 2016 with the Glamazones of the 90´s shot by Steven Klein. It’s a fantastic campaign where you fantasize with decade of the supermodels and their cool and modern attitude.

The clothes look so eternal and feminine that you drool fashion, Schiffer, Crawford and Campbell are the epitome of the vampire and cool youth. 

The flamenco style of the clothes are incredible, mixed with letter skirt of Naomi and the shirt of        Claudia, the collection is on point. 

I love the 90,s broke doll position, it’s so cool and sassy. 
I really missed this Fashion Icon. Welcome Back! 

Polemic Education Videos

Yesterday, I saw some educational videos of Ecuador Education TV that make my soul broke. It’s          incredible they pretend to educate the Young people transforming their cool and hip songs into letters of important issues like anorexia, first time sex and VIH. The letter of the songs are so empty and    with no scientific value; they talk that you have to refrain yourself not to protect or wait until you find the love of your life or that women can’t say no, if they desire something they can’t say no, it’s sexist, antique. They felt so wrong to everybody that the videos were retired from the web. I hope the         next time they use the same hip and cool songs but with real testimonies, histories of love and scientific value. 

Example Video

jueves, 7 de enero de 2016

Ellen Wins the People’s Choice Humanitarian Award!

I really love her. She is so nice that it makes you inspire to work for your dreams.


lunes, 4 de enero de 2016

First Rap


Recover the passion you have for life
To free the bitch that is lying in the dark
Waiting the pale society to explode
So she can feel with her soul.
This is the only way
That you can take your creative woman
From her Shell
To conquer all the empires she want it

They will try to push you to the edge
But you have to come back again and again
Until the day that you feel your greatness and
Trying to run to success
It is not a question
But a reality that you have wait
Because when you notice
The only freaking thing you need is you

The world is yours if you want it.