Mozart in the Jungle: the new series to watch

A year ago I discover in my Cable a new and fun series “Mozart in the Jungle”. It was fantastic to watch Gael Garcia in a leading role, he is charming, eccentric and musical. The series is about the new conductor of the New York Orchestra and his path to construct a cool and modern ensemble, the discovery of a new Oboe; a chaotic and young musician that will be his assistant and a lot of unique wise symphony members. The first season ends with the Orchestra going to a possible strike, and Rodrigo kissing the young Oboe Hailey; the old maestro going to compose his unique masterpiece.

In the second season Rodrigo had a musical journey with the Orchestra to pass through the contract negotiations and his feelings to Hailey. It’s fantastic to see his charisma, cute narcissism and love to the power of music, the delicate path of sound. Hailey became the first Oboe, kiss Rodrigo, had sex a lot and end this season with the young and new villain of the series. The symphony family lost the battle with the negotiations and end the 2 season with a park concert. Rodrigo end his marriage with the unique Maria, she is a fantastic actress; battle with a disease and try to accept his love for Hailey, in his last scene he enjoy the music of the jungle and noticed that Hailey is going with the bad guy.

Go and enjoy the best musical path.


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