My one and true love: Soccer

Since I remember I have been in love of soccer; because of the passion and loyalty it inspire in their fans. The first time I watch a soccer match was the final of the Copa Libertadores in 1997, a very important occasion to the Ecuadorian soccer because it was the second time a team make it this far in the tournament. A magical experience for me because as a child it was the first time I saw a big stadium and feel the energy of the fans that pass through the TV. Since this match I had love the Barcelona team because it’s the only team in my country that can unit all the states to celebrate one team. Then in my watch appear a young player called Kaviedes, a genius that can make magic in the field. His goals where a piece of art that inspire every journalist and player, he was the first Ecuadorian that value five million dollars to a European club, he make the 44 goals record in the Ecuador scorer that he still had it. He was the wakening of the Ecuador soccer, with his goal we went to our first World Cup .It was an inspire moment that make me believe in the magic of soccer and the K effect that the world see it too little. In my years of growth I also could enjoy watching many player’s like the Batistuta in World Cup 98, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, Beckham and Zidane. I remember the TV spot they make in boat that was like a battles of soccer. They have flow, flavor they feel in every drop of sweat. The teams I also like was the fantastic Boca Juniors that win two Copa Libertadores in a row and the Copa Intercontinental as they use to name it. And the Madrid of Beckman, Zidani and Ronaldo it was a time of stars not only players.
Then a few years ago I watch a teen soccer world cup and I saw a fantastic argentine team with Messi in the head .This was the first time I see the passion he has it for the ball. The energy he has it in every strategy and turn. Then I began to see him in the Barcelona, a club I have never been in love until Messi came. The team strength was their team play, that was the difference from the Madrid. Since that day Messi has make 426 goals in 500 matches and achieve 5 FIFA gold balls and create a perfect trident with Neymar and Suarez. Now I am waiting until the legend of the Barcelona trident explode. Soccer has inspire me to fight for my dreams and work hard because if you feel you can make it.


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