Adictive Fashion

Acropolis is the architectural place where the antique Greeks pray to Athena, the goddess of all things. They build this beautiful place so everybody can know that the Persians didn’t destroy the incredible Greek.
We learn that Nike is a Greek world that means victory, in the Acropolis you had a lot of monuments that take your breath away in every step you take. 
The thing I loved it is the tree of victory, a pacific place where you can get all your energy pump up and your hope for fashion, love and history will return as the new Greeks. 
Then we went to the old town, where you can find a new and different statue in every step you have, it was incredible you can see churches from the 1 century and the antique place where the Olympics where held.  
We went to the first Christian Greek church, were are the first paintings of Apostol Pablo and Juan.
In the afternoon and night we went to eat near the river, it was so tender and flavor the meat. Also the craft market it is incredible, you can have clothes for a good price and the designs are unique and incredible. 


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