Greek Princess

When I visit the Santorin Island I felt I was in dream, it is so powerful the energy you feel in the place. The little villa we stay was fantastic, so antique and local you can feel the culture in every bite of the breakfast. We arrived in the night and they were waiting us with a powerful and nice Greek coffee so we can enjoy the delicious food of the tavern.
In the first day we went to explore the town fia and we found a trip of 5 hours from Fia to Oea. The trip were magical, you can appreciated a beautiful view of the caldera, sea, the houses and the little churches of the antique Greek.
After a lot of hours we arrived to the peaceful and creative oea, a town where you can watch an incredible sunset. The food is flavor and unique, the handcraft is original and the people beautiful as Greek Gods.
Incredible 1st Day. 


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