Greek Fantasy

 In the 3rd day in Santorin we had a fun and cultural day. In the morning we went to the mini Santorin, an archaeological Site where you can find an entire town cover by volcanic ashes.
It was so interesting this civilization because they survived an entire volcanic explosion, this city was so advanced for the 4 century, and you can find bathrooms, drinking water, nail art and silk in the woman clothes. The archaeologist didn’t know the civilization name, but the story of Platoon make it think that is the Atlantis. A lesson history that I loved it. 
Then we went to the red beach, a quiet and nice place where you can sunbath and feel the good Greek vibes.

In the night we went to perfect restaurant where you can see the sun in a majestic way and eat the best sea food. 

A lovely and fun day.


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