Magic Day

In the second day in Santorin we went to a tour to the typical places of the Island. We went in a big and typical boat in a Greek adventure: first we went to the Caldera, a place where an active volcano is still functioning, you can feel the hot air of the volcano.
There you can see the rocks of the eruption make it so many years, in fact the island has the biggest water amphitheater of the world
Then we went to a hotsprings, were you can feel the hot water. The water was nice and bubble, your body relax in a moment. 
Then we went to the little Fia, an island were you can have a nice Greek salad and a refreshing beer. The view in the little town is incredible, you see all the little islands and mountains. 
In the night we to OIA, there we seat in a nice restaurant where you can have a magic and unique view of the sunset. We eat a delicious musaka and a soft Greek salsa.

Magic day .


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